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Get ready to discover the magic behind Sandgrain’s videos! Join us on a tour of our behind-the-scenes section, where you’ll witness the epic journey of every project. Each project is a unique adventure in its own, and we’re excited to give you a glimpse into the production process that brings our videos to life. Let’s take you behind the scenes.


Downhill in Iceland – can we unfold our potential?

14.08.2022 - Arrival at the airport.
Promptly after arriving, we plan the days ahead and then decide to head directly to the erupting vulcano...
where we were able to capture unique footage...
and remained stunned by the pure force of nature.
We went from fire to ice the next day...
and captured the product immersed in nature.
Throughout the whole shoot we spent a lot of time in the car, driving through unique landscapes.
To move fast we tried to be as lean as possible on the equipment outdoors.
However, we shot it anamorphic for the look.
We are very glad to have had the opportunity to make something special out of this project and hope you enjoyed it.


Shoot of a lifestyle campaign in and around Berlin

The first day we shoot the "Romantic Girl".
She lives on the countryside and...
enjoys life be a strong connection to nature.
On Day two there is "That Guy" on our schedule.
He is the cool, well educated and healthy guy...
who lives in the big city.
Day three is all about "That Girl".
She lives a healthy live in the city and...
loves to take good care of herself.
It was a huge pleasure to do this campaign together with Liebesbotschaft. We really enjoyed working with you!


Filming in the mountains to promote goods from the mountains

We shot five different stories in one week. One story a day.
That meant, that each day we went to a different location to capture...
stories about wine, ham, apples, vegetables and milk.
As there where a lot of outdoor-scenes...
we were lucky to shoot it on five days straight...
without having to worry about bad weather.
Thanks to the very nice and talented team,...
we managed to get everything done in this short timeframe.
It was a pleasure collaborating with the agency Carl Nann on this project.


How we try to tell a story about perfection

Firstly we needed to choose a location that reflects the story we wanted to tell.
Secondly we needed to figure out the logistics to make everything, including all the equipment arrive in the mountains.
Thirdly good communication was necessary to allow coordination.
Once everything was set, our crew made sure to shoot something that at least comes near to perfection.
A huge thanks to all of the great people involved - it was a blast working with you!

01 Berlin

The city of Berlin is a hub of creative people. Its vibrant life and remarkable contrasts between rough and beautiful make the city a location where you can shoot almost every project, where creativity thrives and extraordinary ideas are born.

02 Bozen

Bolzano is located in the heart of the Italian Alps. This location enables us to provide uniqueness through Italian locations. From the rough mountaintops to the mediterranean seaside. No matter what your project needs, we have the production infrastructure in place.